May 23, 2000

Re: Mandatory Service Bulletin TAT 2000-1

Dear Bonanza Turbo Owners,

As most of you are aware, Tornado Alley Turbo, Inc.(TATI), Ada, OK is the STC holder for the turbonormalizing system on your Bonanza. TAT Inc. has designed an additional support component for the tailpipe on you turbonormalized Bonanza. This modification is being supplied to you at a nominal expense as a part of a Mandatory Service Bulletin (MSB TAT 2000-1) requiring its installation on your aircraft.

This "Safety Clamp Assembly" provides additional and redundant support for the tailpipe. It is designed such that in the event of failure of the existing "V Band" Clamp which holds the tailpipe to the turbocharger, this "Safety Clamp Assembly" will retain the tailpipe safely in place until landing an repair can be accomplished. It is not designed to act as the primary means of support of the tailpipe nor to be used for further flight in the event that a damaged "V Band" clamp is noted. Our previous Service Bulletin MSB 98-1 remains in effect.

Please find enclosed the complete kit for compliance with this Mandatory Service Bulletin TAT 2000-1 including the following: Mandatory Service Bulletin TAT 2000-1, Safety Clamp Assy. P/N E200-1-001, all installation hardware, and Installation Instructions and Drawings. In addition to an invoice for the the kit also find a Compliance Report Coupon worth $100.00. We estimate the installation of this kit to take approximately 2 hours. Please have your mechanic indicate compliance with this service bulletin with an appropriate logbook entry.

In order to help ensure the expeditious installation of the kit on your aircraft, we have provided you a coupon which should be returned to TAT along with a copy of the engine logbook showing the completed installation of the "Safety Clamp" kit. This coupon will discount the price of the kit by $100.00 if returned within 30 days with payment and a copy of the logbook entry.

Since our acquisition of the STCs approximately two years ago, TAT has been focused upon developing and certifying several meaningful improvements to the turbonormalizing system.

These design changes have been engineered to provide significant enhancement to the existing turbonormalizing system in terms of speed, cooling, efficiency, and safety. Several of these design improvements are now available as upgrades to your system. Although the previous STC holder had made several improvements over the years, these engineered by TAT provide the most significant performance benefits by a significant margin. Please review the enclosed literature and consider upgrading your system to the "Whirlwind".

We appreciate your support as we continue to refine the design of the Bonanza "Whirlwind" turbonormalizing system for added safety and performance.

Very Truly Yours,
Tornado Alley Turbo, Inc.

Tim Roehl

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