MANDATORY SERVICE BULLETIN 98-1   Tornado Alley Turbo, Inc. has issued a Mandatory Service Bulletin, TAT 98-1 which affects all of the Bonanzas and Cessna 185 aircraft which have the turbonormalizer systems installed by Flite Craft or Turbo 2000 from 1987 until August of 1998. This is a simple inspection, but it is very important that the MSB be followed.   Click here for Mandatory Service Bulletin

To see the TAT letter describing the background of this Mandatory Service Bulletin:  Click here (TAT Letter)

To see the pertinent service manual instructions:   Click here (520/550 Manual excerpt)

To see a helpful drawing of the V-band clamp:   Click here (Clamp drawing)

To see a photograph of an actual failed V-band clamp:   Click here (Broken clamp)


Please report back any inspection results on the enclosed form:
Click here (MSB Reporting form)