Whirlwind upgrades available for your Turbonormalized Bonanza

Presently Available

The following recommended options have been developed by GAMI or Tornado Alley Turbo, Inc. specifically for the enhancement of the Whirlwind turbonormalized Bonanza. The STCs are completed and the installation of these modifications will significantly improve the aircraft's performance and efficiency as well as your value and enjoyment of this premier system.

For aircraft being upgraded to the new "Whirlwind System III" package as described above, we will supply a new nameplate for the upper cowl door designating it as a "System III" conversion. This will provide continuing evidence and value as the premier turbonormalizing installation available on Bonanzas today.

IO-520 to IO-550 Engine Upgrade

Tornado Alley Turbo, Inc. is pleased to announce the recently received STC modification that now allows for the upgrading of the engine size from an IO-520 to and IO-550 when done along with the installation of the turbonormalizing system. The increase in horsepower from 285 to 300 (minimum) provides for shorter takeoff roll, increased rate of climb ~(150 fpm) and increased cruise airspeed ~(5-7 kts). With the excellent cooling provided by the "Liquidair" Baffle Kit, well controlled engine temperatures are possible even under high power operation. This IO-550 installation combined with the Whirlwind System III turbonormalizing system is the definitive, ultimate power package for your Bonanza.
Call for pricing.

JPI Engine Monitor

J. P. Instruments digital engine monitor is the definitive, easy to read, most accurate engine monitor on the market. This instrument is required equipment on the Whirlwind installations. With single digit resolution of all CHTs, EGTs, TITs, and graphic presentation as well, the JPI EDM 700 or 800 series, fine tuning of the fuel/air ratios can be accomplished. This allows for smooth, cool, safe, efficient, operation on the lean side of peak TIT. Options include digital fuel flow, OAT, Oil, CDT, IAT, MP, RPM and HP. Installation takes approximately 16-20 hours. Once you fly behind one of these, you will recognize the benefits, comfort and safety provided by this information.
Instrument pricing is variable depending on selected options.

Electronic Wastegate Controller

Although still in the developmental stage, we are finalizing the design of a new breed of controller that will allow for significant performance increases in the turbonormalized system at takeoff and cruise.

"Whirlwind" Turbo Conversions for Barons

Ever dream of owning a turbonormalized Baron? With the proven performance benefits of the "Whirlwind" turbonormalizing systems, having two is twice the fun! Baron Models C, D, E and 58 are first on the development list. If you or a friend are interested in this modification, please contact Tornado Alley Turbo, Inc. We are deep in the design process and are interested in comments and interest from owners.