TAT 2000-1
May 24, 2000

SUBJECT: Tailpipe Safety Clamp Assy. P/N E200-1-001.

REASON: To provide additional and redundant support of the tailpipe, and for added safety in the event of the failure of the main attachment clamp (Aeroquip P/N 4404C375M).

EFFECTIVITY: All Beechcraft/ Raytheon Aircraft Bonanza models equipped with the turbonormalizing package installed under STC's SA5223NM and SE5222NM.

COMPLIANCE: Compliance with this service bulletin is required prior to further flight. Tornado Alley Turbo considers this to be a mandatory modification to the turbo/exhaust system of these aircraft. This bulletin does not replace MSB 98-1(Tailpipe Clamp), which is still in effect.

WARRANTY: Applicable only to those aircraft originally modified by Tornado Alley Turbo, Inc.

WEIGHT & BALANCE: Negligible change.

LABOR: 2 Man-hours.

REFERENCES: Whirlwind Installation Instructions, Drwg. FT-B8.5/1-03, Fig. 5,8, &36. Tornado Alley Turbo, Inc. MSB TAT 98-1, issued Nov. 21, 1998.

1) Gain access to the LH engine compartment by removing the ‘gill panel' and opening the cowl door. Remove the cabin heat inlet Scat tubing at the LH upper baffle. Remove the ‘PRV' tube, P/N FT-B8.5/1-200A by disconnecting the hose clamps which secure the upper and lower couplings. Disconnect the MAP Reference hose, P/N FT-B8.5/1-5T from the ‘PRV' tube prior to removal. Cap all openings. Reference Whirlwind Installation Instructions Drawing FT-B8.5/1-03, Fig. 8.

2) Spray penetrating lubricant onto the forward lower wastegate hardware which attaches the ‘stub' pipe, P/N FT-B8.5/1-109 to the wastegate assembly. Recommended products are Kroil, Yield, or WD-40. Reference Drawing FT-B8.5/1-03, Fig. 5 and 36.

3) Use the next few minutes to inspect the tailpipe clamp as called out in MSB 98-1. Discovery of a bad clamp at this juncture will save duplication of effort.

4) Remove the forward lower bolts, nuts, and washers from the wastegate assembly.

5) Select the 2 AN4C13A bolts from Service Bulletin Kit 2000-1, along with 2 AN960C416 washers. Install the plate, P/N E200-2-001 beneath the ‘stub' pipe flange. Reference Drawing FT-B8.5/1-03, Fig. 36 for details. Add washers as necessary to obtain correct thread protrusion. Install new nuts, P/N MS21046C4, and torque to 110 inch pounds.

6) Install band, P/N E200-2-002 over the upper tailpipe and position near the forward flange, refer to Drawing FT-B8.5/1-03, Fig. 36 for details. Install the correct bolt, washers , and nut IAW Figure 36. Ensure the band is positioned over the top edge of the plate before securing. Torque hardware to 110 inch pounds. Inspect the installation for conformity to Figure 36.

7) Protect the paint on the ‘PRV' tube with masking tape or a similar material and install the tube ensuring that protective caps have been removed. Position the couplings and install the hose clamps, securing the ‘PRV' tube with no interference relative to surrounding structure. Remove protective covering from the ‘PRV' tube, connect the MAP Reference hose, and the cabin heat Scat hose.

8) Conduct an induction leak check to ensure proper seating of the hose clamps which were removed to gain access for the installation.

9) Make the appropriate logbook entry as called out in FAR 43 (a sample of which is contained below). Certificates Of Compliance for traceability are enclosed with each kit. A copy of this entry must be returned to Tornado Alley Turbo, Inc. 300 Airport Rd. Ada, OK 74820 to track compliance with this Service Bulletin. Copies may also be sent via fax to 580-332-4577.
Suggested logbook entry: "Installed Safety Clamp Assembly P/N E200-1-001 IAW Drawing FT- B8.5/1-03 Fig. 36 and MSB TAT 2000-1, under STC SA5223NM previously installed."

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