The Utility and Flexibility of the TAT Turbonormalized Aircraft

Nothing can compare with the speed, fuel efficiency and utility of a Tornado Alley Turbo, Inc., Turbo Normalized Bonanza!

Please find below a recent experience Pat Kusbel originally posted on BeechTalk that he has kindly allowed us to reproduce here.

Here's the flexibility a TN can do for you

Flew Denver to French Valley (temecula) a couple days ago. Couple of deviations for weather, which at 200KTAS you can get around quick.

Then French Valley to Carlsbad for the RNAV approach for a day meeting at 7K down low

Then back to denver. Was gonna do 15K for the flight, but in the middle of it some sigmets crept up over the rockies. Ask ATC for a reroute to the south which got me a round the worst of it, with a couple pops up to FL190 to get over some stuff. A 3.5 hour flight turned into a 5.4 hour flight, but it was no worry at all with the TN + tips

I would not have attempted this flight in this weather without the TN. Not enough options if things close in on you.

Here's the performance spreadsheet I have and keep a copy of this laminated in the plane. This matches my plane almost exactly.