October 21, 2001

Whirlwind TCP™ added to the Tornado Alley fleet!

For Immediate Release:

FAA Approves Turbocharged Bonanza Improvements
Tornado Alley Turbo Obtains Supplemental Type Certificate for
Beech A36TC and B36TC Models

Ada, Oklahoma, October 30, 2003 – Tornado Alley Turbo announced it had received a Supplemental Type Certificate (STC) from the Federal Aviation Administration (FAA) for its Whirlwind TCP™, a new Turbonormalized Conversion Package (TCP) for the popular Beechcraft A36TC and B36TC single-engine airplanes.

The Whirlwind TCP™ makes extensive modifications to these venerable Beechcraft airframes including:

• A more powerful and reliable (TN) IO-550 engine. Replacing the troublesome Teledyne Continental Motors TSIO-520U/UB engine, this change results in 100-hour increase in TBO ( from 1,600 to 1,700 hours); an approximate 3 GPH lower cruise fuel flows at comparable power providing extended range; and increased climb and cruise performance.

• 192-pound gross weight increase. Unprecedented for the B36TC! The FAA-approved increase allows the airplanes to retain their Utility Category certification.

• Pilot-controlled cowl flaps thus eliminating the drag-inducing and inefficient fixed louvers and scoops of the factory airframe. This results in better aerodynamic efficiency (speed) and improved engine cooling (lower CHTs)

Performance numbers for the B36TCP configuration are as follows:
(Note: All performance figures are at 4,042 lbs. and may vary with specific airplanes.)

Altitude (feet)            Speed (Knots True Airspeed)
12,500                                           192 -- 194
17,500                                           200 -- 202
22,000                                           205 -- 207

TAT's Chief of Engineering, George Braly, said that the company takes considerable pride in this latest milestone in the company's continuing development of turbonormalizing technology for the Beechcraft world.

"No other turbo system available in any airframe has been developed to this
same high level of performance and ease of operation,"
Braly added.

“Aviation Consumer Magazine called us a “think tank of sorts for advanced engine research. We think the advanced developments that went into the Whirlwind TCP are some of the reasons why,” Braly said.
This TAT modification joins a long string of high-technology products designed and produced by TAT and its sister company, General Aviation Modifications, Inc. (GAMI), to improve the efficiency, utility, safety and cost of ownership of tens of thousands of piston-powered airplanes throughout the world.

"This latest FAA-approved modification for the Beechcraft Bonanza line of single-engine airplanes is another example of GAMI and Tornado Alley Turbo's continuing commitment to industry-leading research and development for general aviation," said Tim Roehl, TAT president.

"We will continue to use the proceeds from this and other products to keep these great airplanes flying as the best examples of truly useful personal transportation in the fleet," adding, "We continue to make measured, deliberate progress on all of our new technologies.”