Thinking of purchasing a RCM SR22T?
Think again

From reading the literature, most of the reports state that the TAT SR 22 turbo is the single most successful general aviation turbo charged system… ever!

Don’t just take our word for it. Here’s what Cirrus themselves have to say about our turbonormalizing system:

Cirrus teamed up with Tornado Alley Turbo, the industry leader in turbo-normalizing technology, to bring you unparalleled performance and ease of operation. Experience the benefits at flight levels with a smarter turbo that offers the best combination of performance, efficiency, speed, and ease of operation.
- CirrusDesign

This is how a turbo cirrus should run!

N822TN - TN SR 22 on hot day at 17,500 feet.
OAT = ISA +25°F.
206 KTAS on 17.9 gph
Hottest CHT is 380°F.
TIT is 1,600°F.

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Get this in writing!

Before making your choice you need to ask Cirrus some tough questions.  Make sure they give you the answers in writing!

So here are some of the questions to have answered to before you make your decision:

  1. I hear the TAT Turbonormalized SR 22 runs at or below 380°F during cruise, and the Teledyne Continental turbo SR22 will run 20°F to 30°F hotter around 400°F in cruise flight.  Is that true?
  2. Why is it better for the engine to operate at hotter cylinder head temperatures, rather than cooler cylinder head temperatures?  That doesn’t make any sense!
  3. Why does the TCM powered turbo have five different cooling louvers on the bottom of the cowl, when the TAT SR22 turbo only needs two?
  4. The TAT SR22 Turbo will maintain full rated manifold pressure to more than 25,000 feet.  Will the TCM powered SR22 turbo maintain full rated manifold pressure to 25,000 feet?
  5. Is the TCM powered turbo Cirrus as fast as the TAT powered turbo Cirrus at the same fuel flow,  when operating lean of peak in cruise?
  6. Are routine lean of peak climbs approved for the TCM powered turbo Cirrus?  Why not?
  7. Will the TCM powered turbo Cirrus do comfortable, routine climbs with lean of peak mixtures and with the CHTs at or below 380°F ?
  8. Air Power quotes the cost for a factory remanufactured TSIO-550 engine at $59,200.  Tornado Alley Turbo says that the TAT powered Turbo Cirrus can be overhauled with a 3 year engine warranty for $47,000.  Why is the TCM powered SR22 Cirrus so much more expensive to get overhauled at TBO?
  9. Why did you change?  Is TCM selling the system to Cirrus for less money?  If so, why is there no price reduction for the TCM system shown on your web site ?

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