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How does your system differ in performance compared to the Beech B36TC?

Comparing POH book numbers for the B36TC with actual values of a turbonormalized A36, the A36 would be 4-5 knots faster at 12,000 and 18,000ft. Ceiling? 25,000ft. The ceilings of both aircraft are comparable, but you would probably not want to exceed 20,000ft without pressurized magnetos.

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What happens when my engine/turbo combination reaches TBO?

The turbonormalizing components should easily give you good service up to engine TBO. Depending on your engine choice at that time, the components may be sent to the appropriate repair station. We would would be happy to help you in seeing this accomplished.

How much does the system add to my pilot work load?

There is really no difference in the work load for the pilot using a turbonormalized system. You set the power for cruise and lean accordingly with both engines.

Will annual inspection costs rise with the addition of turbonormalizing?

You should expect slightly higher labor expenses in those years when the cabin heater inspection is due. Rather than yearly, this check is due every other year. This inspection interval should offset any increased labor expenses. In addition, there are visual checks to be made on the turbocharger itself, again of a minimal nature.

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