Date: August 18, 1998

Subject: Tornado Alley Turbo, Inc.
                   Ada Municipal Airport
                   Ada Oklahoma, 74820

   Tornado Alley Turbo, Inc. announces that it has acquired the rights to multiple Supplemental Type Certificates for turbonormalizing IO-520 and IO-550 powered Bonanzas and for the IO-520 powered Cessna 185. These Supplemental Type Certificates were previously the basis for the popular Turbo 2000 and TurboFlite™ turbonormalizing installations installed in over 250 Bonanzas and Cessnas.

   Tornado Alley Turbo will use the existing approved data from the earlier turbonormalizing STC's as a foundation for the development of improved turbonormalizing systems that will, in addition to the traditional high altitude flight level capabilities, offer superior speed, range, and engine cooling to "flat land" pilots operating their aircraft below altitudes requiring the use of supplemental oxygen. Initial plans include the existing IO-520 and IO-550 powered Bonanzas and Barons, as well as the Cessna 185 aircraft.

   Tornado Alley Turbo's breakthrough technology allows efficient high power continuous operation of these turbonormalized engines at brake specific fuel consumption numbers that are more than 20% better than identical normally aspirated engines operated at similar high power output.

   This technology, while providing major improvements in range and speed, accomplishes this task with significantly cooler overall engine cylinder head temperatures than existing normally aspirated engines operated under similar high horsepower conditions.

   Tornado Alley Turbo, Inc. is not a successor to Turbo 2000, TurboFlite™ or any other aviation orginization. Rather, Tornado Alley Turbo, Inc. is a recently organized company which intends to apply new engineering modifications developed from intensive research conducted by General Aviation Modifications, Inc., of Ada, Oklahoma (GAMI) to deliver new systems with substantial improvements in the design and operation of the previous turbonormalizing systems.

   GAMI, under contract with Tornado Alley Turbo, will provide certain research and development services as well as engineering assistance with certification of the new systems. General Aviation Modifications is the manufacturer of the GAMIjector fuel injector nozzle systems approved for over 300 existing Teledyne Continental and Lycoming engine models. The innovative GAMIjector fuel injectors were named the 1997 Aviation Consumer "Product of the Year" and have been enthusiastically praised by the more than 4000 pilots that have installed them during the last 24 months, as providing significantly improved engine operation. GAMI has extensive experience with the IO-520/550 turbonormalized engines in connection with earlier flight testing of other projects for FAA certification, using the state of the art data acquisition equipment and proprietary software developed by GAMI.

   GAMI chief engineer, George Braly, stated, "I have always been impressed with the quality of the FliteCraft turbonormalizing installation and have flown that system on my personal aircraft for the last five years. That system is universally regarded as the very finest and most reliable turbocharging system you can fly in general aviation. We at GAMI are extremely pleased to have the opportunity to use some of the knowledge about that system that we have learned during multiple FAA flight tests involving other projects, to help Tornado Alley Turbo produce a still better product that general aviation pilots, who prefer not to fly in the flight levels, will find provides significantly better overall performance for their aircraft below at altitudes below 12,500'."