For your Beech Bonanza / Baron

These easy-to-operate, built-in oxygen systems typically consist of a lightweight Kevlar® bottle mounted behind the aft bulkhead of the baggage area or in the forward baggage compartment. A remotely controlled, pressure regulating, solenoid valve on or near the bottle, opens to allow low pressure flow of oxygen when the panel-mounted switch is turned on. A pressure transducer on the bottle provides a signal to a panel-mounted gauge indicating remaining oxygen pressure in the bottle. For filling, the system includes a Schrader® valve and analog pressure gauge near the bottle in a flip top enclosure. Quick disconnect outlets in the overhead offer convenient access for plugging in cannulas or masks. Oxygen bottle capacity ranges from 77 cu. ft. to 115 cu. ft. depending on aircraft model although most use the larger bottles for increased capacity.

TAT's use of a large oxygen bottle helps to insure that more trips can be completed without having to stop and fill the oxygen bottle, minimizes the frequency and locations at with which one is required to fill the bottle . With a 115 cu. ft. bottle and an O2D2 this system can provide sufficient oxygen for two people breathing at 18,000' for approximately 16 hours.

Pricing varies slightly depending on configuration but kits are generally $11,995.
Installation is variable depending on the system and ranges from about 16-40 hours.
Models covered include: S35, V35, V35A, V35B, F33A, C33A, E33A, G33, 36, A36, G36, A55, B55, C55, D55, E55, 58, B58, and G58.