The Tornado Alley Turbo SR22 Smart Turbo

Thank you for your interest in our Cirrus Design SR22 Turbonormalizing System, complete with a Four Place, Built-in Oxygen System. Our Cirrus SR22 Turbonormalizing System - Smart Turbo - is essentially the same as the kit supplied to Cirrus Design for installation on new SR22 aircraft with a few minor changes and enhancements. The Four Place, Built-in Oxygen System is a Tornado Alley Turbo, Inc. new design available for aftermarket installation and approved under the same STC as an option. Together, these modifications will transform your SR22 with spectacular performance and much improved utility adding to your flying enjoyment.

With around 900 examples of our Smart Turbo now flying in almost four years of production, it has proven to be the most popular choice of pilots seeking the ultimate in aircraft performance and capability due to impressive specifications as follows:

Cruise Speed Comparison. Turbo Normalized Vs Normally Aspirated:

Click the thumbnails below to see a representative display of normal HOT DAY performance on a Garmin Perspective equipped G3 SR22TN at 17,500 feet:

Click the thumbnail below to see images of our Four Place, Built-in Oxygen System:

Pricing for this high quality performance package and expert installation is listed below. Specific quotation is available through the completion of our configuration questionnaire. Please complete the questionnaire and contact us if you are interested in scheduling your aircraft for this 3-4 week performance transformation of your SR22.

  1. The-Turbo™ Turbonormalizing System Installation - $57,950.00
  2. Four Place, Built-in Oxygen System Installation- $11,995.00
  3. Hartzell Composite Propeller Upgrade (exchange) - $19,950.00
  4. Avidyne Hardware/Software Upgrade - $0.00-$6,390.00
  5. Pricing effective 01/26/2023 and subject to change without notice.