Cardinal Cruiser™ joins the club at Tornado Alley

For Immediate Release:

Tornado Alley Turbo, Inc. announces the availability of the new Cessna Cardinal Cruiser™ for the C-177RG. The Cardinal Cruiser™ is an aftermarket turbonormalizing modification that provides dramatically improved climb and cruise performance for these retractable gear style Cessna Cardinals manufactured from 1971 to 1978. The system is designed for ease of operation with an automatic wastegate and pressure controller which prevents MP overboost yet provides sea-level power maintainable to 20,000'.

The turbonormalized, 200HP Lycoming IO-360A1B6 and A1B6D engine requires no internal engine modifications and does not change the TBO of the engine. The system includes an all new, heavy duty exhaust system, Airesearch turbo components, balanced fuel/air ratios with custom-tuned turboGAMIjectors®, redesigned baffling for improved CHT control, and improved instrumentation. Benefits of the conversion include high efficiency operation, well controlled engine temperatures without TIT maximum limitations.

Performance enhancements include higher rates of climb (750 FPM) sustainable to above 20,000, higher cruise airspeeds (25Kt. increase at altitude), while maintaining conservatively low CHTs of below 385°F. The ability to climb to higher altitudes offers the pilot significant weather avoidance capability, fewer traffic alerts and better tailwind opportunities. Take-off performance for hot or high density altitude conditions is significantly improved providing safety margins not possible with the normally aspirated models.

Fabrication and installation of the turbonormalizing modification is performed by skilled personnel at Tornado Alley Turbo, Inc. on the airport in Ada, OK. Ground and flight instruction is included as a part of the comprehensive services offered by Tornado Alley Turbo, Inc.

Cardinal Cruiser™ Spec Sheet