There has been a considerable amount of literature published on our systems, however there are two that were popular public features. One was an article entitled Higher Flyer which was printed in AOPA Pilot magazine in March of 1994. The other was published in the April 1999 edition, Volume XXIX Number 4, of Aviation Consumer, and was entitled Two Turbo Retrofits.

Both of these articles are excellent sources for further information on our systems. If you would like to have a copy of these articles, please call so we can send them by fax or mail at your convenience.

Capabilities of Turbocharging - From ABS November 2010
Bill Compton is a 10,000-hour ATP and CFI who has lived in Alaska for 40 years, including two years in the Arctic. He is co-owner of a Bonanza V35TC.

One can do the definition of turbonormalizing (TN) by reference to turbocharging (TC) - or vice versa! To fully understand the differences also requires a bit of history. Follow this link to read Turbo Normalizing vs Turbocharging - understanding the important differences!

Another great site for informative writing is John Deakin's Pelican Perch archive on AvWEb.

Yet another great source for information is the Back to the Future series of articles written by George W. Braly.

Or you can just see what our customers have proudly said about their new systems by reading the testimonials and kind words we have received.