The Tornado Alley Turbo Cyclone™ Cessna

The Tornado Alley Turbo Cyclone™ is the finest turbonormalizing package available for your TCM IO-520 or IO-550 powered Cessna 185 today. Utilizing State-of-the-art Engineering and the finest components attainable, the C-185 Cyclone™ not only provides sea-level power up to 24,000 feet but also significantly improves low altitude (less than 12000') speeds as well. With the "magic" of turboGAMIjectors® fuel injectors, the C-185 Cyclone™ will fly faster ; and faster on less fuel, with cooler engine temperatures than normally-aspirated C-185 at oxygen-requiring altitudes.

Features include:

Pricing: $57,950* installed.

  1. Pricing effective 01/26/2023 and subject to change without notice.
  2. For IO-520 or IO-550 equipped C-185 models A185E and A185F only.
  3. Add $400 for standby vacuum pump relocation.
  4. Additional instrumentation may be required if not currently equipped.
  5. No sales tax additional